Church Roofs


Matthew 18:10  "For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them." 

Since the beginning of the Church it has been very important for Christians to be able to meet and worship together. From the outset of Support EFSL, providing roofs for people to worship under has been a cornerstone of our work in Sierra Leone. 

Although many churches are able to use local materials and volunteers to build foundations and walls, the metal roofs themselves remain prohibitively expensive for congregations who are often very poor. 

We provide funds for the purchase of galvanised metal roofs which can provide shade from the sun and shelter from the torrential downpours in rainy season. These metal roofs are a cost effective way of dramatically increasing the lifespan of the church building.

A church roof typically costs £850 and makes a huge difference to the church community that worship under them.