Welcome to Support Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone

We're a UK-based charity supporting the work of EFSL within Sierra Leone.

We're a UK-based charity supporting the work of EFSL within Sierra Leone. We're a UK-based charity supporting the work of EFSL within Sierra Leone.

Training Pastors


One of our goals is to equip and motivate pastors in Sierra Leone for a deeper walk with the Lord, for more effectual ministry, and for enthusiastic evangelism . We do this by supporting the EFSL's Evangelism and Church Ministries Department, which is responsible for serving these pastors.

Here are some of the areas we support:

Travelling Bible School

This programme is specifically designed for rural pastors, to reach them where they are. The school has helped many pastors and Christian workers in rural areas to better understand spiritual truths and how to live for Jesus more victoriously.

Bible Training Centre Programme:

This programme facilitates setting up training centres with churches that provide certificate level theological training course for in-service pastors.  The centres provide orientation, manuals and teaching; and they also help mobilise trained pastors. 

Annual Teachers Conferences

The main objective of these conferences is to train Christian teachers in evangelism and discipleship. This includes how to reach out to non-Christian students in pre-school, primary and secondary schools.  


Hessan Thullah : “I am a Mandingo by tribe, 41 years old, born in the Yoni Chiefdom, Tonkolili District. I was born of Muslim parents from Guinea. I also grew up a Muslim and at the age of 7 years I started to learn the Qu'ran up to the age of 16 years. I went to an Islamic primary and secondary school where I was indoctrinated not to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

"After my secondary education I joined the Sierra Leone army in 1992 during the military rule of the NPRC. I was arrested with many other soldiers and put into prison when the late President Ahmed Tejan Kabba returned to power after his overthrow in 1996. I resigned from the army after I was released from prison with 32 other soldiers in 2000. I continued to pray and remain a loyal and devoted Muslim.

"In November 2015, while I was sleeping one night, I saw a man in my dream whom I have never seen before and he shouted my name three times. When I attempted to move towards him, I saw myself under a great light and the light burned my head which resulted in a terrible headache.  When I regained consciousness, I began to pray and realised the person who was calling me was Jesus Christ. I repented of my sins and all the evil and persecution I have carried out against Christians.

"In the morning I contacted some Christian brothers in my neighbourhood who took me to the Flaming Church in Magburaka  and I was prayed for and I made a decision for Christ.

"Today I am enrolled in the EFSL Bible training Centre at Magburaka, training to become a pastor.

"To God be the glory!"