Muslim Background Believers (MBBs)


Throughout the history of the Church, converts  to Christianity have made the decision to follow Jesus knowing they will often face persecution and alienation from their own families and communities. 

For it's entire history as a country, Sierra Leone has been blessed by a peaceful relationship between Muslims (77%) and Christians (21%). However, on a social level, converts to Christianity from Islam are still often disowned by their families and face the risk of alienation and violence from their own communities. 

Bringing  the Gospel to all is our highest priority; but it is also extremely important that we continue to support new Christians after they've decided to follow Jesus.  We do this in the following ways:

  • Safe houses  - gives a place for converts to live safely while they "find their feet", as they often can't stay in their community any longer.
  • Spiritual support - being alienated by their families and communities is painful. We provide teaching, counselling and encouragement.
  • Practical support - disowned believers are often unable to work in their communities any more. We provide for their practical needs including food, supplies and sometimes school fees. 


Isaac: When Isaac accepted Christ at the age of 20 he was reported to his family by his brother. He tried to explain to his mother about his new faith in Jesus. She became very ill, and no doctors or medicine were able to help her. Isaac witnessed to her again and convinced her to go to a church for prayer. She became well and then accepted Christ for herself. She is now an active member of the church. With the support of Support EFSL, Isaac was able to finish school and begin earning his Teacher's Certificate. He is currently also working towards a Bachelor of Theology degree in Christian education.

Sani: She praises God for the support of SEFSL; as this has been her only source of financial income by which she has been surviving with her two children since she became a Christian.