Radio Ministry


Luke 8:8  “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”


Radio remains  the best mass medium to reach large numbers of people in Sierra Leone.

We initially only had one broadcast going out in Freetown on Sunday on BBN Radio 93.1  However,  from testimonies in Sierra Leone we know that these broadcasts encourage believers hugely and also provide teaching they may not otherwise receive.  We have therefore increased our support in this area and this has enabled us to send out broadcasts in Lunsar, Bo and Makeni on a weekly basis. 

The radio panels are usually made up of pastors and church leaders from EFSL member churches . Discussions are usually centred on spiritual and social issues, such as prayer, discipleship, marriage, parenting, finances etc. Testimonies and contributions are often made by people who call in during  the broadcast. 

One caller was quoted as saying "I thank God for the teachings we are receiving on the radio, as this is the only time I have being able to understand teachings from the Bible after 12 years of becoming a Christian". He also prayed the programme would  continue if possible "two or three times a week to help them understand the Bible, so that their lives can be transformed."

Reading of John 3:16 in Krio by Harry Stevens


Jon: 3:16 “Gɔd so lɛk mɔtalman dat i gi in wan gren Pikin we i lɛk; so dat ɛnibɔdi we biliv pan am nem nɔ go day, bɔt i go gɛt layf we go de sote go."