Crisis Response - Mudslide


 Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength,  an ever-present help in trouble. "

On 14 August 2017 Freetown was hit by a devastating mudslide following three days of torrential rainfall. The mudslide hit the Regent area most heavily tragically killing over 1000 people and leaving 3000 homeless. 

EFSL also suffered personally with one  church sadly losing 10 members as well as 25 children from a connected school. 

Our UK supporters responded quickly to the crisis with generous donations to contribute to the humanitarian effort EFSL was giving in the area. 

In the immediate aftermath EFSL was able to support over 75 families. Each family received a 25kg bag of rice, purified water, clothing, utensils and a hygiene kit (ie soap, towel, toothbrushes & paste, saba etc).

Through specially trained pastors & staff, EFSL have also been providing psychological counselling to persons affected by this tragedy. 



· Fatmata Sesay: “I thank God for answering my prayers today.  This morning I prayed earnestly to the Lord to have pity on me and my children by providing us food, as it has been two days gone with no food at all.  My children are sure of a meal today… thanks to the Almighty."

· Aminata Kalokoh: “I am a Muslim but I applaud the efforts of the Christians for coming to my aid at this very crucial time of my life.”

· Pastor Joseph Nyuma testified that 15 new people attended the Victory Gospel Centre Church (AOG) the days following the distribution in response to message of hope given to the beneficiaries during the distribution proper.